An American doctor experiences the NHS. Again.

NHS rise again, and to the British government stop trying to mess it up!

Dr. Jen Gunter

WIth my cousin WIth my cousin Two years ago I wrote about my experience in a London emergency department with my son, Victor. That post has since been viewed > 450,000 times. There are over 800 comments with no trolls (a feat unto itself) and almost all of them express love for the NHS.

I was in England again this week. And yes, I was back in an emergency department, but this time with my cousin (who is English).

This is what happened.

My cousin loves high heels. As a former model she makes walking in the highest of heels look easy. However, cobblestone streets have challenges not found on catwalks and so she twisted her ankle very badly. Despite ice and elevation there was significant swelling and bruising and she couldn’t put any weight on her foot. I suggested we call her doctor and explain the situation. I was worried about a…

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When Suddenly No Lives Matter. 

…Hate is learned…


It was a little over two and a half years ago, right before I was about to be married that I was asked the question, “Are you prepared for what you and your family will experience seeing as how you are marrying a black man?” Being a white girl raised in Salt Lake City, Utah I was offended. The man I was speaking with took notice to my offense and simply said “I don’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that things will be different than I think you are expecting. Things will be harder.” I explained that I was fine and that things were going to be great.

Two and a half wonderful years later, our son is now 5 and our youngest is almost 2 and the woman that I am now often looks back at that day and wishes…

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April 2016 in Pictures

This is an interesting blogs, I suggest you subscribe she’s always on an adventure of life in the UK 😀

The Wonder That is Me

Another month, another late start.  It’s been a busy first half of May, with a couple of mini-breaks and lots of spring chores.  Some of these activities were commemorated with a photo or two, which you’ll see if I actually get off my duff and post photos once June gets here, in addition to which I’ve been quite lazy.  The weather has been gorgeous and it’s quite a waste to spend it sitting in front of my PC.

The best news, as far as I’m concerned is, after quite a slump where I dumped not one, but three books because they weren’t ringing my bells, I’m in the heart of a real page-turner and loving it.  I’m also back to my yarn crafts, which I’d set aside along about Christmastime after a furious batch of finishes for gifts, which burned me out a little bit.  As I type this, my…

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Ladies and gents all is revealed

The Secret Revealed!


As you all know I’ve been holding onto a secret the past few days. Tuesday night my sailor and I decided to bring out wedding date forward!!! To yesterday (Friday) without telling anyone

So I’m so proud and happy to announce that at 2:30pm 18 march 2016 my sailor and I got MARRIED

Lots of details to follow. We went the most unconventional way about things. And are both super happy 🙂

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Doing a happy dance

I hope this will help someone that has gone through what’s she’s gone through and succeeded!


Feeling such intense emotions right now. Positive nerves, happiness, joy, love. In a situation I never imaged myself to be. I’ve realise just how far I’ve come in my mental health recovery. I’m the person who lived in constant fear, sadness, pain and suffering. Once believe I was a bad mother. No one would want me as a partner. I felt hopeless enough to attempt to take my own life not once but twice. Now three n a bit years on. My depression is gone. My anxiety at a level I can fully function. I believe in myself. I know I’m a great mama to my two precious baby’s. Though I have faults I’m confident I’m a good partner and will make a great my darling. I have hope, goals and dreams I’m making reality. I have passions and hobbies. Whilst I have some down times. I now know…

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Why the words “failed” and “marriage” don’t belong together.

A very open about marriage – it might help some of you…

Two Different Girls

I somehow lucked out and have been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years.  My husband and I were not aware of this, until one day we sat down to figure out just how long we had been married.  Even we were shocked.

When we were just dating, who knew? When we were just dating, who knew?

However, we don’t pat ourselves on our backs, as if somehow this has anything

We found we made a good parenting team! We found we made a good parenting team!

to do with us.  We’re still together because we enjoy each other’s company and even when we disliked each other (and at times we did), we still loved each other.  Also, we were both committed to this family we had created.  At times, we just dug in and did what was needed to be done to keep our little clan going.

People sometimes assume we’ve “made it”, as if staying married is some sort of prize.  I…

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12 facts you may not know about Gold and Silver, test your metal, mettle!

12 facts you may not know about Gold and Silver

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