My Day so far…

Hello Everyone!!!

WOW!!!!!!! It’s already May!! Where did April go??? One minute we were in April and then its MAY! Boy, I must have been busy! I didn’t even get to blog my days… i’ve just read my last post and I totally forgot to post ….

Okay update, but got another job, this is in Downtown; Historic Downtown Charleston to be correct! Its a Real Estate company (just right for my taking) and I basically responsible for running the office and keeping up with the website.  Well, been trying to get myself familiarize with the works of the office and getting some organizing and keeping up with the websites.  I never knew that there is a program that is soooo user friendly, but still takes time and you need to know what you’re doing!  Its a learning curb and maybe after a few month, I can report back….got it in control!! LOL

Well that’s it for now, but am sure I will try to put something else by tomorrow and maybe something interesting to report…

Oh, forgot to mention, if anyone wants to lose some pounds, park your card about 1/2 – 1 mile away from your job and walk to work…and take the stairs and walk to lunch; and walk back to where you parked your car when you go home…let’s just say that if I keep this up, I am hoping to lose some pounds…can’t afford to park close by, and can’t afford to eat out everyday!! So, I park the car by the Battery and walk to work and walk back to the car…now, things might change when we get in the fall, for now…this is what I plan to keep doing, just that when I get home, gotta have a shower, stink of sweat!! LOL

Have a wonderful day and the rest of the week, its close to weekend now…. 😀

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