Tis Saturday, 5/5/07

Okay its a celebration for the latin community of Cinco de Mayo… so what’s everyone plan for the festivies??? Well, as for me, a group of us from the community we live are all going out for Thai food and do a bit of bonding and maybe talk "shop"…on how to get our community up to par and get everyone involved. 

On another issue, I just got an offer that sounds just too good, as you all know that I have just taken another job and its going okay and my only thing was that I had to park about 1-2 miles from the work place, as I am not going to pay for Parking…this offer from my other job, is not bad, but it saves me on gas and he is willing to give me an allowance on gas as they have 2 stores that I have to take care of….so, talked it over with hubby, (he crunch numbers for me) and in the end it my decision to make.  I am also want to get our business going, so need to generate more clients….

I guess I have a lot to sleep on and think about it, as I told him that I would give him my decision on Monday, and I do feel bad for the other place, as I do like to work with the guy, but I need to keep an eye for myself!  So I need prayers as to what I need to do and hopefully I will make the right decision!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

God Bless! 😀

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