Where do I begin to describe

I had to reblog this… beautifully described that someone can find someone that belong together! Very happy that you have found yours and you are very talented and beautiful!! 😀


Where do I begin to describe the magical feeling of being fully accepted for being myself. Been told I’m beautiful inside and our despite a scared body and mind. To be to someones proud of me for being strong. To be told I’m talented and creative even though I’m just ordinary. To have someone look me in the eyes and tell me they love me. And for the first time believing it. How do I describe it? I just cant

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An American doctor experiences an NHS emergency room

Dr. Jen Gunter

You know it’s going to be one of those days when one of the first tweets on vacation inquires about the closest hospital.

IMG_8896Victor, one of my 11-year-olds, had something in his eye courtesy of a big gust of wind outside of Westminster Abby. He was complaining enough to let me flip his eyelid and irrigate his eye on the square in front of Big Ben. (I’m sure several people thought I was torturing him).  Despite an extensive search and rinse mission no object or relief was to be found. I fretted about going to the hospital. It wasn’t the prospect of navigating a slightly foreign ER, but simply the prospect of the wait. While I am a staunch supporter of the British NHS in the back of my mind I envisioned a paralyzingly full emergency room and an agonizing 18 hour wait only to find he had nothing in his…

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Jinggoy Estrada Arrested After Trying to Smuggle Money Inside His Breasts to US

Jinggoy Estrada Arrested After Trying to Smuggle Money Inside His Breasts to US.

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18 Years – Camiguin Telephone Network

18 Years – Camiguin Telephone Network.

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Truly Madly Deeply – Our Song from Savage Garden

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